Jon VanGesen for Boundary County Sheriff

Continuing the Path of Success


As Sheriff, Jon VanGesen will continue to Enhance Communication by encouraging teamwork, improve responses within the community, making Boundary County safer.

As Sheriff, Jon VanGesen, along with the community, will continue to Expect Professionalism, with a clear mission, core values, best practices, and providing the highest quality law enforcement services to the those living, working, and visiting Boundary County.

As Sheriff, Jon VanGesen will Invest in the Future by continuing to help develop a clear vision for the Sheriff’s Office, while providing the best training and resources to our employees, adding value to our public service to citizens of Boundary County.



I WILL ENHANCE COMMUNICATION of the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office with the community, within our office, and with our public safety partners by

  • Prioritizing the installation of Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) in all patrol vehicles.
  • Providing updates to the public routinely and intentionally through meetings, social media, website, local media partners, and participation in community groups.
  • Updating the Sheriff’s Office website for available resources.

MDTs will assist in improving communication and reducing the workload for patrol and 911, enhancing the deputies ability to complete investigations in the field. Officer safety, coordination, and accountability will be improved. The public expects to know what is happening in their community, a demonstration that the Sheriff’s Office is being financial conservative, building in efficiencies, with the millions in taxpayer money we are entrusted with, and what the Sheriff and his staff are doing to make Boundary County safer. Proactively investigating crimes, arresting criminals and preparing cases for prosecution, holding criminals accountability for their actions, will be our focus.

Enhancing Communication;


  • Encourages collaboration
  • Reduces workload
  • Provides appropriate resources to employees and community
  • Increases visibility of Patrol
  • Improves responses to community’s needs
  • Demonstrates transparency
  • Is financial conservative
  • Develops professionalism
  • Adds value to our products (service to the community)
  • Increases officer safety
  • Makes Boundary County safer



THE PUBLIC EXPECTS PROFESSIONALISM from every Boundary County Sheriff’s Office employee.

  • With the staff of the Sheriff’s Office, our community partners, and our public safety partners, we will develop a Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values appropriate to meet today’s needs.
  • The Sheriff’s Office staff will continually review and adopt “best practices” policies and procedures to provide the highest level of services to the public, enhance the professionalism of the Sheriff’s Office, while reducing liability for the employee and of the County. 
  • The community expects every employee to model our core values in their service to the citizens of Boundary County.
  • Develop leaders for the Boundary County of tomorrow, including succession planning.

“From your initial call to 911, to the patrol deputy responding, to the citizen requesting a service from the sheriff’s office to our detention staff housing an inmate…Boundary County residents expect to be treated professionally and with respect. We will provide the highest level of service available, within the resources provided, improving the safety of Boundary County.  Proactively investigating crimes, arresting criminals, and preparing cases for prosecution while holding criminals accountable for their actions will be our focus. The pledge by our staff will be to do our very best with every community interaction.”           

Jon VanGesen

Expect Professionalism;


  • Encourages teamwork
  • Develops clear standards of service and accountability.
  • Reduces liability to the employee, the Sheriff’s Office, and the county.
  • Prepares each employee for their next or additional responsibilities.
  • Develops formal and informal leadership.
  • Adds value to our product (service to the community)
  • Improves responses to the community’s needs
  • Makes Boundary County safer



I WILL INVEST IN THE FUTURE of the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office and our service to the community.

  • Plan for the future needs of 911, our jail facilities, our staff and technological advances.
  • Retain and recruit quality, professional public servants for 911, patrol, detention, and administration services.
  • Provide training opportunities to strengthen the abilities of every employee.
  • Demonstrate and advocate for the need for competitive wages for our employees.
  • Expand volunteer opportunities through Search and Rescue, Dive team, Patrol and administration.

With the staff of the Sheriff’s Office, our community partners, and our public safety partners, develop a Strategic Plan for the future of the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office.

Boundary County residents, workers, visitors, our public safety partners, and our profession, demand the Sheriff’s Office provide the highest level of professional services within the resources we are provided.

Investing in the Future;


  • Develops formal and informal leadership
  • Adds value to our product (service to the community)
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Provides appropriate resources to employees and community
  • Creates a clear vision for the Sheriff’s Office and the community
  • Expands professionalism
  • Reduces liability
  • Adds value to our employees, reduces employee turnover, attracts the best candidates
  • Involves the community in addressing the needs of the county
  • Is financially conservative
  • Increases officer safety
  • Makes Boundary County safer



VOTE: May 21, 2024

Jon VanGesen for Boundary County Sheriff 

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